Looking Back (and up, and forward, etc.)

by Ian


I finally got copies of the pictures that Kohler took before the end of the residency. If you look at these photos and at the computer model (previous post) you can get a pretty good idea of what the installation will eventually look like.







This wall piece is now owned by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (thanks to Daniel T. Beck for making the steel frame).


And this one belongs to the Kohler Company.

This is probably the last action on this blog for a while. Presumably it will get a second life when Daniel and I actually install the tile at the Core Fellows house at Penland School of Crafts. They just have to build the building first.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible and successful. To name a few and inevitably forget some important ones:

Shari McWilliams, Mike Carson, and all the employees at the Kohler pottery who give Wisconsin a good name, Louis Cherry and Jesse Green for support and for designing a wall that needed tile, John O’Keefe and Katy Foley who got me started on Rhino, Ele Annand for the layout on the colophon tile, Beth Schaible for amazing, project-specific business cards, Julia Penn who gave us some much needed breaks, and especially Jean McLaughlin who dreamed this whole thing up and made it happen, and especially, especially Mark Warren for the patience to see it through to the end, Andrew Hayes for not being the guy who sands all the kites, and Daniel T. Beck for helping me give birth to this monstrosity and for starting over.