Done & Done

by Ian

Here’s what our studio looked like last week, during our last morning of casting. That was ages ago, though. Tomorrow Mark and I leave behind snow-covered Kohler, Wisconsin for sunny North Carolina and a more normal life, whatever that is.


On Thursday we packed up about a quarter of all the tiles we’ve made and brought them to another building in the Kohler empire where they do all their in-house photography. There we set them up for the photo shoot that happens at the end of every residency. It involved a lot of kneeling on concrete.


The company photographers took pictures, which I’ll post as soon as I get copies. I managed to take these snapshots, though.


After the photo shoot we had less than 24 hours to finish packing and clean the studio. Luckily, we had the audiobook of Clash of Kings, book two of the Game of Thrones series. Mark’s brain consumes sci-fi and fantasy the way most human brains consume glucose.


We did manage to squeeze in some small side projects. Last week I made a bunch of cups, most of which I gave away to the guys in the factory.


In the end, three months of work looks like this – 5 pallets, 37 boxes, 4200 pounds. It ships out to Penland on Monday.


There was unspeakable joy in disposing of our now – finally – obsolete molds. (Thanks to our friend and fellow resident Lesley McTeague for this great footage).