March update: in comes the lion

by Ian


The beginning of the month saw the arrival of a true March Lion, the surly and beloved ceramicist and science fiction connoisseur known as Mark Warren.


We’re still casting. Always casting. At this point we still have all twenty-five molds casting twice a day. That means much of our days are still filled with casting, glazing, and firing. But increasingly we are also packing and palleting lots and lots of boxes that will soon ship to Penland. Total shipping weight of all 1,679 tiles: 3,470 pounds, give or take.


The Arts/Industry residency is quite literally squeezed into the regular workings of the factory. One of the biggest daily challenges is finding room on the kiln cars for our fifty tiles. It demands good relationships with the guys that load the Kohler ware onto the cars. Despite not owning a motorcycle and not being Packers fans, we have stayed friendly with them. The people that work here are ridiculously helpful and kind.


Here’s what it looks like 28 hours later, on the other end of the kiln. As you can see, we are now glazing tiles for the kitchen side of the installation. The tiles for the south side, the thermal mass side of the wall, are now done. Which means we have sanded our last tile!


And we can finally get a look at how all six shapes are going to look together.


Late March promises to be a slower, gentler time. Even Mark has been showing his lambish side.