A Glimpse

by Ian


38 tiles a day pile up quickly. Our stack of finished pieces has gotten higher and higher since we started production almost two weeks ago, so we’ve begun to pack our tiles as we finish them. Andrew and I decided to look at a large group of them before they get boxed up.  It took up most of our studio, but we got a glimpse of what the final installation will look like.

This design creates some interesting lines. They stand out in different ways depending on the lighting, which is encouraging because the final installation will be subject to different kinds of light from different directions. Here you can also see a slight variation in the colors of the tiles, which we’ve worked very hard to achieve.


This is just a small glimpse, really. The south face of the wall in the new Core house, where these tiles will end up, is almost 200 square feet. This cluster is maybe 40. And don’t forget the design wraps around to the kitchen side of the wall, another 200 square feet, where the tiles will be glazed in different colors, introducing another design element. There is plenty to keep us humming along for the remaining six weeks of the residency. 42 straight days of work and counting!