Into the kiln and back-agon

by Ian


Sorry about that. Anyway, the decagon made it through the kiln just fine, as you can see. We have now successfully cast and fired at least one of each of our five tile shapes, which is a relief. The only thing standing between us and full-on production mode is finding the right surface treatment.


We’ve been sending a couple tests through the kiln almost every day.

IMG_2710        IMG_2708

As a result we’ve had to get serious about documentation. Each tile is stamped with a number so we can keep track of all of our tests and we record any information we can think of like which mold it came from, what we added to the slip, and what glaze we applied.


Meanwhile, every day we are getting new molds into production. Here are some freshly cast pieces arranged with models. These are two of my favorite surfaces – plaster and leather hard slip. I always get attached to the objects at this stage. By the time they come out of the kiln as shiny, shrunken imitations of the original, I feel that something has been lost.