The Decagon.

by Ian


The most labor intensive model and mold we’ve tackled so far is the decagon tile.  It’s the largest tile at 15″ diameter and 1″ thick and we’ve had lots of commentary from the factory associates about this one.  The guys on the kiln line said it made them nervous to put it in.  The pottery technician told us 3/4″ was the maximum thickness.  Tom Spleth said things can start to get really tricky over a square foot.  So, we have been really nervous about running this one through the process.


Here it is in progress with Ian’s favorite carving tool: a 6″ ruler.


You’ve seen this step before, but I think this is a really good looking pattern.


And the successful first cast of the decagon.  It seems to be casting fine. It made it through the dryer twice without cracking or failing.  We are currently waiting with white knuckles for it to come out of the kiln this afternoon.  We will let you know how it went.