The first few steps.

by Ian


Before leaving for Kohler, Ian laser cut plexiglass positive and negative shapes to exact dimensions for us to use in creating the models for each tile.  These pieces show the high and low spots which will help us in carving the plaster models.


In order to cast the forms to make the models, the negatives needed to be as close to perfect as possible.  Any imperfection in one tile will be compounded as the tiles accumulate and will throw off the installation.  Here, Daniel is filing the plexiglass negatives so they are square and even.


Next, Daniel cut the forms apart so they can be pulled apart after the plaster is poured.


The wet plaster poured into the form, then scraped away, leaving us with a flat block from which to carve the tile models.



pulling apart the forms to reveal our first model blank, ready to begin carving.